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Ben Babylon's "Goodbye Superman" is a loving tribute to Ben's dad, Guy Babylon, who was so proud of his talented son, and would surely be proud of this song. There are two versions of this song: an orchestrated version, and a piano version both performed by Ben. Assisting Ben in recording "Goodbye Superman" were Jesse Johnstone and Grammy-award-winning engineer and producer Greg Penny, who also worked with Guy when he recorded and produced Elton John's album, Made in England.

"Goodbye Superman"

You don't want to miss a single note from this inspired collection of keyboard excellence! This album Best Of Guy Babylon features 10 tracks, including a remix of "Babylon Bleu," the composition that won Guy the Keyboard Magazine's Reader Tape Contest in 1987. Eight additional instrumental pieces are included, as well as the beautiful ballad "She Is," co-written with Ken Stacey, and "Friction," the rocker co-written with Davey Johnstone. Guy will always be missed but will continue to live on through his beautiful music. While we have all heard Guy's genius as Elton John's orchestrator and keyboardist, he has also composed many pieces through the years, and now fans can finally hear part of that collection.

Best Of Guy Babylon

This song "Yabba Dabba Du" started out with Kathy Babylon just hummimg a melody in to a recorder for Bob to hear to see if he liked it. Bob Birch took that melody and made it into a cool, smooth Jazz track.  Guy worked his magic as usual and put all the final touches to fill out the track, and also added his signature with a little piano solo at the end. Gotta love it.

"Yabba Dabba Du"

Enjoy the remix of the dance hit, "K.I.S.S.I.N.G." recorded at Babylon Studios, and written by Guy Babylon and Dana Merino, with an amazing retro/electric dance track by Guy Babylon.


The Elton John Band got together and came up with the most inspired record of all time, Warpipes. Davey Johnstone and Guy babylon produced this record, joined by long time bassist Bob Birch, and drummer Nigel Olsson, with encredibly emotional and powerful vocals by Billy Trudel. This is a must have album.

The Entire "Warpipes Collection" of Music


1. "Take A Chance" : This single, written by Guy and Kathy Babylon, and Reggie Burrell, originally appeared on Nigel Olsson's Move the Universe CD which was produced and recorded by Guy at Babylon Studios. This version is sung by Joanna Pennock with backing vocals by Kathy Babylon and Reggie Burrell. 

2."Hold On" :is a beautiful and soulful R&B/Pop song, sung by Joanne Pennock, with backing vocals by Kathy and Reggie, tasteful guitar by Davey Johnstone, and an inspired track by Guy Babylon.

3. "Looks Like Love": Produced and recorded by Guy Babylon. This R&B song was held by Luther Vandross but never recorded, and this is the demo he heard. This version is sung by Alfie Silas with backing vocals by Reggie Burrell and Kathy Babylon.

4. "Let Me Prove It To You": is written by Guy and Kathy Babylon, and Reggie Burrell, and featuring Ken Stacey on all vocals, for that smooth boy group sound.

5."Wait On The Rain":This song features Reggie Burrell on vocals, Kathy Babylon on backing vocals, Davey Johnstone on guitar, and Guy Babylon on keyboards playing everything else! A very smooth and soulful song, be sure to check it out!

6. "3 Little Words": This country/pop song features Teresa James on lead vocal, Kathy Babylon and Reggie Burrell on background vocals, and a fantastic track produced by Guy Babylon.

7. "Love's Gonna Find You": is an inspirational song that just makes you feel good.  Reggie Burrell put down a great lead vocal on this.  Kathy and Reggie are on background vocals, and Guy of course, put together this amazing track.

8. "I Would Choose You": Featuring Windy Wagner on lead vocal, Kathy Babylon and Reggie Burrell on backing vocals, guitar by Davey Johnstone, and this beautiful country/pop track by Guy Babylon.

9. "Shelter": Powerful and soulful lead vocal by Reggie Burrell, gospel track by Guy Babylon, and background vocals by Kathy Babylon and Reggie Burrell. This track was truly inspired and so much fun to record.

10. "Tell Me It's Not Too Late": This reggae song is sung by Reggie Burrell with background vocals by Kathy Babylon and Reggie and recorded at Babylon Studios by Guy Babylon.

11. "I Gotta Go": This song features Teresa James on lead vocal and Reggie Burrell and Kathy Babylon on backing vocals. All recordings done at Babylon Studio's by Guy Babylon.

12. "Safe Place For You": was written by Guy Babylon, Kathy Babylon and Reggie Burrell.  Lead vocal by Valerie Doby.